What it means to be part of a community 

By Laiz Rodrigues
The people’s right attitude will shape the community, it will create a force to foment growth and wealth. As we become knowledgeable, about opportunities at hand and ways to improve, we become powerful, alert. If we know our weaknesses, we will find ways to eliminate them faster and become even stronger. This is how we grow and become successful.
An Organization is a reflection of the community it’s involved with, we battle every given day to make our weakness strenghts, and find the courage to keep trying. As expatriates, we have an obligation to do better, to set for an example and perform as a model citizen, make no mistake, everyone is watching. We must always look to excel, and exercise the right to do our best.
We claim our best minds, honor both our flags, fulfill our obligation as Guests and at the same hand as countrymen. Above all, we have honor and pride, of who we are and what we represent.
We are the best we have, and we are here to succeed as human beings and business people. Community Organizations are here to help people, I have a passion for thriving business, good practices, innovation, entrepreneurship, cultural legacy and heritage . Before anything, the value in our job is to be the bridge and the light to guide.
For the Brazil America Business Council, to know that Brazil is the number one US trade partner is an honor. Our Real Estate market is pungent, Brazilians today are no longer just immigrants looking for a better life, today, we help move the economy and as we establish our businesses, pay taxes, and generate jobs we must participate in the political dialogue and this is the only way to have a voice, to get political representation, we need to become our own strong voice, in the City, in the Senate, the House of representatives.

We must be heard! We must participate as a strong, organized community. We need to become active citizens. In consequence of this change, we must establish a strong image. We are people who regardless of the challenge, we are used to overcome them and always with hope and gratitude, so we have lots of chances to succeed. We are part of the Orlando revolution.
We are here to help, we dream of a strong and tall community and we need everyone’s help to make it happen. Please, visit our website http://www.brazilamericabc.com

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