Primeiro Fórum Nacional de Empreendedorismo de Orlando

Em um momento em que vivemos uma crise político econômica e social no Brasil, seus talentos mais e mais procuram o mercado Internacional.

Nesse caso temos, coaches Marina Rios, que é local ajudando seus seguidores a se programar para o sucesso.

Tathiane Deândhela autora do best seller, Faça o Tempo Trabalhar para Você, e  Pedro Superti, Factor X Como se diferenciar no Mercado.

Esses três talentos estarão em Orlando dia 11 de Agosto para o evento e vão transformar nossas vidas. Para adquirir os ingressos apertem no link abaixo.

Para a compra de mesa corporativa ou Pacote de Patrocínio e-mail

Coming Up! At Ana G. Mendez University-Artist Dora Masini

Dora Masini graduated from the University of Fine Arts in São Paulo-Brazil,  following her grandfather’s path, also an artist and sculptor. From childhood, Dora showed her inclination to the Arts,  demonstrating her skills through drawing and craft techniques.

Her main turn to the art career became final in 1974 when she started painting more frequently, using strokes and technics learned in college and through the tireless effort to find her identity as an artist.

With freedom of expression and the development of her own style, based in her artistic instinct and latent heritage, after all Art is in her blood, she became an expressionist  in her own style and expression, qualities that lifted her to become a world recognized artist.

Her paintings range from Landscapes, Marinas, Art Nouveau, Portraits, Sexy Models, L’Oeil Trompe and 360 Degree Dimensional Painting, Glass and Rusty Mirrors.

She has participated in exhibitions around the world in North America, Europe and South America since 2002 with more than 145 exhibitions, having received 50 awards in many countries.

The artist is associated with a long list of professional art organizations around the world.

Today with fixed residence in the USA, she is dedicated to humanitarian causes, and to work with Community Organizations.

In June, she will be Hosted by the prestigious Ana G Mendez University, supported by the Brazil America Business Council, on June 13, 2017 at 6:00 pm., we invite you to participate in this great exhibition. The event is free, free parking. Appetizers will be served.