To All Performers

To All Performers, Teachers, Parents. Our success would not be possible without you. Your example and dedication will be remembered forever. Our gratitude is owed to you for your commitment to the community. We thank you for your


The New Hope Assistance Center Children Choir
1. Orlando Gay Chorus presentation
2. Center for Contemporary Dance
3. Opera Orlando
4. Raizes (Talita Contemporary by Aretuza Garner)
5. Agression (Ari Caldas Contemporary by Dawnhone Perry)
6. Aquavitae (Izabella Valdez Contemporary by Aretuza Garner)
7. Loved by you (Alessandra Dunoyer Lyrical by Carson Bocco)
8. Torn (Yana Perneva Contemporary by Charmaine Hunter)
9. Falling Slowly (Ricky Dunoyer Lyrical by Dawhone Perry)
10. New York State of Mind (Kathy Gale Jazz by Carrie Crawford)
11. Damien Simon (Composer)
12. Ballet Duet Ocean and Pearls (Scarlett Allen and Elise Denham by Orlando Ballet)
13. Fairy of Generosity (Helen O’Rourke by Aretuza Garner)
14. Diana & Acteon (Yana Perneva by Orlando Ballet)
15. Coppellia (Katie Kassner by Karen Heartt )
16. Diamond Fairy (Caroline Orr by Orlando Ballet)
17. Le Corsaire (Ari Caldas adapted by Aretuza Garner/ Dawhone Perry)
18. Paquita (Talita adapted by Aretuza garner)
19. Finale: Damien plays and all performers enter together to take a bow; we clear the stage for Capoeira presentation.
20. Capoeira Pelourinho

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