The works of Leopoldo Wallis and Maria Ramos

The works of Leopoldo Wallis and Maria Ramos

Opening Night | Nov 1st 6pm-9pm

Renowned Venezuelan artist, Leopoldo Wallis is debuting on his first exhibit in The United States from November 1st thru December 27th st this year, taking place at “The Gallery at Mills Park in Orlando.” At 88 years young, Leopoldo aims to enrich the ever-growing artist community in Florida with his innovative Pointillism style. Also featuring the artist Maria Ramos, a Puerto Rican legend. She is known for showing the true and brutal side of her island’s history. Together these two dynamic artists bring a colorful vision to Mills Gallery.

We invite you to explore Leopoldo’s point by point stimulating exhibition!


Leopoldo – Active since the seventies

His work is designed as a new trend of universal dimension where we can experience four main stages from his trajectory. The first one is aneo-pointillism expressed with pure colors, giving priority to the form over the background. On his second one, faces with several foreheads and superimposed profiles prevail. The Chorus, as this phase is called, is a group of stylized women who gaze at us with the innocence which comes from naïveté while perceiving other faces that emerge from the inside of the first ones.

Featured alongside Leopoldo Wallis:

María Ramos, a Puerto Rican artist that´s been dedicated to oil and watercolor paintings. In 2016 Maria was recognized with the Areito Artist of the Year Award in the Bronx, New York City. Boris

Mills Gallery

When it comes to showcasing artists, the Gallery at Mills Park in Orlando prioritizes its gender-equal philosophy, which is to always feature male and female artists in conjunction with each other. This creates a unique balance between the two genders.

Douglas Garbe, in 2014 Boris decided that his life would take a colorful spin, and started a new stage as an artist. In only 4 years his experience and great taste made him the perfect candidate for the position of curator for the successful Mills Gallery

Entry schedule

Thursday, November 1st, 6pm-9pm | Pre-Registration – includes A VIP Tour and meet and Greet with Leopoldo Wallis.

Visit Leopoldo online:

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