The First Environmental Education Expo 2017

DSC_0176During the last Thursday in April, Ana G Mendez University hosted the Expo, created by the Office of Supervisor Daisy Morales, Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District, and supported by The Brazil America Business Council, and USDA-Farm Service Agency and Pao Gostoso Bakery.


A reason to celebrate Earth Week, in such an important  moment for environmental issues, and efforts to save water, the community reunites to listen and reflect about it.

Not only environmental issues but also contemplate the Art of JULSAN and Juan Valdez, two artists who were kind to participate and support our cause. Beautiful Art from Puerto Rico.

Ana G Mendez University System Students were present, listening, participating and asking questions, bringing the count to about  100 people among students and guests who attended. we had a very successful event.

The Speakers were:

Elias Redondo-Forewhat  Urban Forest

Santiago de Paula Florida Passion Fruit Farm

Francis Arroyo Farm Loan Office among others

Our thanks to Ana G Mendez for hosting the event, Pao Gostoso Bakery for donating the Food, and Boi Brazil Steakhouse for donating three dinners for two, raffled to our guests. PF Changs and Brio prizes.

We also would like to thank Iris Torres Mora who created a wedding dress made of recyclable items, and Santiago de Paula who brought in delicious Passion Fruit Mousse, made from scratch, with Passion Fruit (maracuja in Portuguese) he grows in his organic farm.

Our thanks for the amazing welcome to our Organization.


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