The Brazil America Summit

The BRAZIL AMERICA SUMMIT was a great way to promote networking, interaction, different topics and a variety of new elements.

The Legal Panel brought in Tributes in Brazil, the new tax Law in the US, asset protection, immigration, EB 5, commercial Real Estate, and an overall look over the technology and ballistic industry in Brazil.

The event reunited a majority of participants from Brazil now residing in the US and it proved how effective an event can be when you are giving others the opportunity to learn from your lessons and experience, creating a window of opportunity to the listener.

A total of 65 participants of quality and potential to become a new client for the speakers, or a reference, proved that quality

will always overcome quantity.

We are proud of what we accomplished and we are confident that we have opened a door to engagement and new followers.

The best experience is not just the lessons we learn but also the ones we share, allowing others to also learn from them.

In the second part of our event we had the Honorable Rick Singh our Orange County Property Appraiser with an excellent overview of the influence of Brazilian investment in Orange C County, among other important topics.

The event continues with AVROS US giving an excellent presentation by Louana Oliveira, in all the aspects of moving your company to the US.

Real Estate Investment by Legacy Plus Realty and Florida Star Vacation Homes.

The afternoon ended in a high note, with a local Government Panel with Orange County Business and Tourism Development, CFITO, MCO-Orlando-International Airport, city of Orlando Business Department and City if Orlando Multi Cultural Department.

Plenty information to the ones present and avid to know more.

It was an honor and a pleasure to have everyone at Nascar I-Drive Indoor Kart Racing conference rooms.

To Our Mediator

Attorney Alfredo Scaff and participating attorneys our sincere thanks

Attorney Marcelo Salomão-Brazil Salomão & Matthes Advocacia

Attorney Rafael Araujo EB5 Regional Center

Attorney Roger Berenstein EB5 Regional Center

Bruna Barbosa-Barbosa Legal

Attorney Craig Minegar

International Financial Advisor – Luiz Henrique Perlingeiro. Westchester International

Corporate Consultant Louana Oliveira-AVROS US


Kim King Maysonet- Business Development for the City of Orlando

Luis Martinez Multicultural Director for Mayor Dyer

Elizabeth Krekel CFITO

Carol M Palacio Orange County Business, Tourism and Economic Development.

Darren L’Appanna-Orlando International Airport community affairs.

Our Thanks to:

Pablo Rosemberg and Alejandro Pezinni, CEO and COO at I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing.

Nelson Ramos – BoiBrazil Churrascaria

René Duvecot President AVROS US

Paulo Lofreda ZIGNET

Vitor Lozetti-WALO DTP our founder Trustees

Sonny Buononcelli-World Center

Ana G Mendez University

Attorney Liliana Torres

Attorney Julio Barbosa- Barbosa Law

Everyone who attended and supported us in this journey

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