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Miami Artist Immortalizes the Material Girl in Vibrant Color

Miami Artist Immortalizes the

Material Girl in Vibrant Color

MIAMI, Fla.(December 12, 2017) – Miami boasts being one of the “it” places to be seen and heard. Now one of the city’s natives will be unveiling must see art he’s created in honor of a living music icon.

“Madonna has awakened different types of desires in people for decades,” says Mateo Blanco, the artist behind the new collection, aptly named ‘Desire’. “It’s what I hope to continue with my new exhibition here in Miami.”

Blanco is best known for using edible materials, such as sugar or coffee beans, to create unconventional pieces of art. This time he’s using slits to create an optical illusion; Madonna’s pose shifts depending where you stand to look at her.

“I want these works to stay in force, just as Madonna has done for more than 30-years with her music,” explains Blanco about why he chose to use mixed media instead of an edible item which ultimately fades in time. “Each color I used touches a key color in the spectrum of desire – red is a deep passion while green and blue is more of a natural feeling of desire.”

“He has turned seemingly traditional 2D artwork into an experiential piece of kinetic art,” says Coralie Claeysen-Gleyzon, independent art consultant. “The result is both mesmerizing and electrifying. It adds to the aura of an already incredible icon.”

ArtSpace-Virginia Miller Galleries in Coral Gables is hosting Blanco’s “Desire” collection. Blanco unveiled his work on December 6, 7 and 8, 2017. It will be open to the public through 2018.

“Mateo Blanco is one of those rare, gifted artists who is talented as both a performing and a visual artist,” says Virginia Miller, Director/Owner of the Virginia Miller Galleries. “He has made a career of amazing people.”

Blanco plans to pay homage to his home state, Florida. He was born in Miami and currently calls Orlando home. In 2018, he’s planning an exhibition base to showcase all the wonders of Florida. He doesn’t want to spoil the surprise, but he did hint at being inspired by key lime pie and the Magnolia flower.

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O Consulado-Geral alerta que serviços de despachante ou facilitadores que prometem, mediante pagamento, processos rápidos de concessão de passaportes, autorização de viagens de menores, procurações, entre outros, não são corretos.

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