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The Interactive Academy announced today the launching of its new global initiative “English as a Second Language (ESL).”

The inaugural online educational series will begin October 22nd, and run for six weeks.

Each English course level follows the guidelines of PEARSON’s “MyEnglishLabFuture books 1 through 5 which have been masterfully integrated by our engineers into the Interactive Academy’s own telecommunication technologies and digital classrooms. Therefore, only professors with years of college teaching experience will be conducting our interactive lessons.

The ESL classes will be divided in two inaugural distinctive sessions: 1) Beginners I – Future book I, and; 2) Intermediate I – Future Book 3.

Soon thereafter the release of these two series, The Interactive Academy will be releasing all levels from beginners to advance at different times of the day, thus; creating a convenient opportunity for students to enter a live class for their particular level at different times during the day in addition to its 24/7 access to recorded classes.

The digital “English as a Second Language” program is designed to provide adult learners with systematic instruction in developing language skills in two areas:

1) Grammar Structure: Reading and Writing

2) Communication Competencies: Speaking and Listening.

The MyEnglishLab aims in providing comprehensive online resources of multilevel literacy skills development, adult learning assessment, supplemental practices, and online interactive classroom learning unit skills-based activities and games. All instructional materials in skills sections systematically include both content and processes within each of the three instructional stages related to the text; example, Pre-reading /listening, during reading/listening, and post-reading/listening stages.

The key pedagogical features of the skill sections are;








To experience one of our virtual classrooms, and learn more about online requirements visit:https://www.1apa.com/demo