The Brazil América Business Council has worked hard to establish a good path of service, dedicated to the community.  Since we were founded in February 2017, we have accomplished not only members but also organized a series of events and networking opportunities, to inform and grow our members advantages.  You can see in our site... Continue Reading →

By Laiz Rodrigues The people's right attitude will shape the community, it will create a force to foment growth and wealth. As we become knowledgeable, about opportunities at hand and ways to improve, we become powerful, alert. If we know our weaknesses, we will find ways to eliminate them faster and become even stronger. This... Continue Reading →

O Brazil América Business Council organiza o Primeiro Fórum Internacional de Empreendedorismo em Orlando, com os Palestrantes Tatiana Deandhêla, Paulo Superti e Marina Rios. O evento será realizado no I-Drive Nascar dia 11 de Agosto as 6:00 pm. Compre seus ingressos através do link abaixo. Ingressos não serão vendidos no local. SOBRE O EVENTO:... Continue Reading →

Venha você também assistir a esses palestrantes e traçar o seu caminho para o sucesso. O primeiro Fórum de Empreendedorismo de Orlando tem o suporte do Brasil America Business Council. Dia 11 de Agosto, as 5:30 no I-Drive Nascar

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