2017 was a very special year, between our creation and all that involved to show and promote our organization, we accomplished many important things, including a good number of people attending our events. To create is to innovate, and we are always looking to new ways to improve. Business is important, but not everything, we... Continue Reading →

BRAZIL AMERICA SUMMIT 2018 BRAZIL AMERICA BUSINESS COUNCIL SUMMIT 2018-ORLANDO FLORIDA We are honored we can offer you this opportunity Where:NASCAR I-Drive INDOOR KART EXPERIENCE When:February 13, 2018 Time: 8:00 am-4:00 pm Coffee and registration-8:00 am to 9:00 am Event starts at 9:30 am Coffee&Snack Break 1:00 pm-1:30 pm SPEAKERS   Mediator: Attorney Alfredo Scaff BABC President... Continue Reading →

The Brazil América Business Council has worked hard to establish a good path of service, dedicated to the community.  Since we were founded in February 2017, we have accomplished not only members but also organized a series of events and networking opportunities, to inform and grow our members advantages.  You can see in our site... Continue Reading →

September 22nd, 2017  Central Florida Community From: Dr. Carlos M. López Campus Director.                                                                                    ... Continue Reading →

From Sepetember 15-October 15, Orlando celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. The City of Orlando has every year celebrated this moment with a great event, kicking off the festivities. Organized by Director Multi Cultural for the City of Orlando Luiz Martinez, the event has every year improved and became part of the City's calendar.  It was an... Continue Reading →

This Thursday at Ana G Mendez University at 6:00 pm. With the Support of Boi Brazil Steakhouse, Pao Gostoso, Brazilian Espresso, and GOTCHOSEN. Please, join us in one more event!

On Wednesday the Brazil America Business Council was honored to be present at the Ana G Mendez University Graduation Ceremony for the classes of 2017.  The BABC was represented by President Amy Litter, Development Director Professor James Clark and Executive Director Laiz Rodrigues. The event was of beauty and importance. Attended by student's proud family... Continue Reading →

During the last Thursday in April, Ana G Mendez University hosted the Expo, created by the Office of Supervisor Daisy Morales, Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District, and supported by The Brazil America Business Council, and USDA-Farm Service Agency and Pao Gostoso Bakery. A reason to celebrate Earth Week, in such an important  moment... Continue Reading →

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