RED WHITE & BLUE a Celebration of Hispanic Heritage & Art

RED WHITE & BLUE a Celebration of Hispanic Heritage & Art


September 7th [ 5 pm to 9 pm] at Faith Arts Village Orlando (FAVO) 221 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32801.

All across the United States of America, we´ll be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month between September 15th – October 15th, which is an incredible opportunity to take the time to recognize Hispanics and Latino Americans who have brought an amazing range of contributions, traditions, and culture to our great nation.

It is an exciting opportunity for all Central Florida Residents to celebrate the rich history and particularly to strengthen our nation´s ties to Latin America and the Caribbean. Florida has the third largest population of Hispanics and Latino Americans in the US, thousands of them being recognized as talented artists and musicians.

A wide range of Floridian artists are going to jump-start the Hispanic Heritage Month one week earlier – on September 7th – in an event called Red, White & Blue Art Celebration taking place at Faith Arts Village Orlando (FAVO). These artists aim to showcase to the Greater Orlando community how their very own colors contribute to our great country, bringing the best of their heritage, traditions and culture thru colorful art and self-expression.


FAVO provides a place where local artists can work together to share their gifts of inspiration, beauty and expression to promote peace, understanding and well-being of the larger community. Beyond just being a space for artists and the community to gather.  FAVO also offers free art classes, live music and performances to low-income children and families.

Alberto Quintero, a renowned Fine Arts Artist, Graphic Designer and Professor of Colombian descent is the art liaison organizer of the event. Quintero´s passion and strength are captured in his artwork which covers a vast journey in the dimension of the roots of the Latin American magic realism and modern digital art, dubbed “Quiropainting”.

Mariange Rosario from Nosotras News will be joining the event supporting this endeavor as Media Platform. She is dedicated to inspire, motivate and empower Latinas to their maximum potential. Aditional Media partners include Porfolio Magazine with evento live coverage and artista interviews. Additional Media partners include Yuyita Teve, SiMedia USA and Orlando Es Magazine Mariela Chopite and more…

As with many important Hispanic Heritage events that take place next month, the Red, White & Blue Art Celebration will be offering a wide range of food and services. Seviche & Sangría, one of Florida’s most recent ventures will be providing food and beverages for an hour, sharing Ceviche – one of Latin America´s most exquisite culinary expressions – mixed with Spain’s renowned drink: Sangría!


September 7th [ 5 pm to 9 pm]


Faith Arts Village Orlando (FAVO) 221 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32801.



Free Parking is available

Food Trucks are on location

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