Recognizing our Officials

Recognizing Our Officials

A Natural desastre is a sign for presage and pain. It can take normalcy away, along with destruction and crime.

When Hurricane Irma hit Central Florida, we were scared due to its size and devastation it left behind. From the Islands to North Carolina, one thing was clear, the aftermath would be difficult, required patience and leadership. Thanks to our leaders we had everything required to put this situation behind us.
The Brazil America Business Council, chose to Act upon it and reward all positive action taken on leadership and support to the community during these times. From the top we started with Governor Rick Scott, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demmings, City of Orlando Police Department, John Mina, Orange County Fire Department Roderick Williams, Mayor Dyer and Mayor Jacobs.  They have shown incredible strength, leadership, and support to our community.

We have almost completed our journey. And nothing is more rewarding than to see our gratitude expressed. In Orlando we are a part of something really special. We have a great community.

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