Recognizing Mayor Buddy Dyer

DSC_0043Today we have delivered Mayor Dyer Recognition for the Outstanding Services to the community during the last Hurricane Season. The series of awards was given by The Brazil America Council to Governor Rick Scott, Mayor Dyer, Mayor Jacobs, Sheriff Jerry Demmings, Orlando Police Chief Mina, and Fire Chief Roderick Williams.

Along with the Award we also delivered the “Amy Litter Medal of Excellence”,  in an effort to thank him for his dedication in transforming the Orlando Community in

“A place where Diversity and Inclusion are an everyday reality”.

The Amy Litter Medal of Excellence was created to recognize the highest level of Professionals in the Orlando Community. Amy Litter has served the Brazilian Community over 45 years, is an outstanding citizen and has  volunteered to several organizations.

Present were, Amy Ltter, James Clark, Laiz A. Rodrigues, Vitor Lozetti, Thiago Bruno Marianni, e Marcos Pereira  all members at the Council

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