People Passing Out Money

People Passing Out Money

On Dec. 8, 9 and 10, dozens of people on the street in downtown Orlando will be handed an envelope with $10 as part of worldwide Awesome Days, when the Orlando Chapter of the Awesome Foundation joins chapters in England, Canada, Brazil, Australia and others in the U.S. in distributing their monthly $1,000 contribution to strangers in ten-dollar increments. A note with the ten-dollar bill will encourage the recipient to do something awesome with it – like hiding it in a favorite book at the library, so someone else can find it. Or they can spend it on ice cream for themselves. There are no requirements on what they can do with the money.

The Awesome Foundation is a network of almost 100 chapters that are generally composed of 10 members that each bring $100 to their monthly meeting and decide which awesome project to give the combined $1,000.  Applicants – who need not be an organization or have any kind of official status – simply fill out four simple questions about what they want to do and how that will stimulate people in Orlando to say, “Wow, that’s awesome.”

A recently funded project was “Dear Citizen O,” which invited passersby to write an encouraging note addressed to “Dear Citizen O.” The letter was sealed in the provided envelope and dropped in a mail slot on a temporary post-office-like structure on Church Street. Then a participant was invited to open one of the post-office drawers and take out a letter that had been written by some other person who was walking by.

View other recently funded projects by the Orlando Chapter of the Awesome Foundation at

“Our worldwide Awesome Days gives us a chance to hit the streets with tiny examples of what our Awesome Foundation chapter is all about,” says Terry Olson, Dean of the Orlando chapter. “If some stranger handed you an envelope with cash in it and said you could do whatever wanted with it? Wouldn’t you think, ‘That’s awesome!’ We expect we’ll hear that a lot on Dec. 8, 9 and 10, as we are out on the streets surprising strangers with crisp new ten-dollar bills.”

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