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You are invited to our last events of 2019.

We had a busy year, with networking events, guest appearances, planning a very successful Summit and now we are closing our year.

Last week we did our first book signing, inspired by our supporter Thali Sugisawa. It was a great success! Now we are doing our next book signing and planning our holiday party. We are always embracing what is new and trying to revive what really matters.

Our October Event:

The Book: Nos Pirineus da Alma, about te Author Alberto Sena’s journey in Santiago de Compostela

This year, is the second year for our Jingle Mingle. As we always do we reunite with several organizations, and we do a joint celebration for everyone. As one of our main sponsors, BoiBrazil Steakhouse, can offer, great food at excellent prices. We are having a cocktail hour, dinner, All you can eat salad bar, meats, dessert and soft drinks, for $30 per person.

We can’t beat it! So if you are looking for a place to have an office party, talk Boi Brazil with renata@boibrazil.com

We will have a great time on Dec. 10, starting at 7:00 PM

5668 International Dr. Orlando FL 32819

See you there! Join us! If you would like to include your company or organization callus at 407 505-0519

Our next event

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