Our Networking Event

We had another After Hour Networking, at Boibrazil Steakhouse.

Joint Networking with The American Muslim CC and The Brazil America Council.

We started at 6:00 pm, mingled and had Boibrazil great food. By 7:15 pm we started with our presentation and after each guest presented themselves and their occupation or business, we realized we had a large diverse group filled with positive energy.

Luis Martinez, Mayor Dyer Multicultural Director was present, June Ings business promoter and District 5 Commissioner Ings’ wife was present, several Chamber representatives and an amazing number of talented people.

Our sponsors BoiBrazil Steakhouse, as always, offered great food and service. PainUSA Institute also a sponsor responsible for the Brazil America Healthy Card.

As a Binational organization, our main preoccupation is to serve as a bridge among nations. We look into possibilities to serve our communities and to excel on that journey.

Thinking about factors that define people’s quality of life, the most important is the indicator of health. Health allows you to be able to open doors to opportunities, work, thrive. If you can’t enjoy good health, then challenges become mountains.

Thinking about this, we started looking around to find ways to facilitate the challenge to access doctors, and specialties, to help Doctors and practices, to get more patients able to pay for their treatment. Thousands of people today, have no way to get the necessary care. The many Brazilians here today, can’t find the right doctor because of high prices and lack of resources.

The Brazil America Healthy card was designed to be a platform where Health Providers will offer packages with specific options and prices to patients who are part of the net. Why? Because we can. We are a solution an Alternative.

You live in Florida, but no insurance, looking for the specialty you need, what to do? Look for our net of Doctors and what they offer.

If you need family help to cover the expense, they can refill the card In Brazil. If not, you can do it online through PayPal or bank account. At the same token you can also apply for credit if needed.

The idea is to help the patient and direct them to the Doctors that they need, to seek treatment. It is not an insurance plan it is just a credit card that will provide assistance. Why? Because health providers will participate of this net and offer packages with different options.

We believe the Brazil America Healthy will be a great tool.

We thank all for your presence at the after hours networking. Our next event will be on Aug. 28 joining the Jewish Chamber of Commerce at the Alfond Winter Park.

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