Our After Hours Event

Today was our After Hours Event at BoiBrazil at International Drive, Orlando.


The best thing about networking is the ability to communicate, show your brand and get your idea out.

After the many years dedicated to master this art, I can say we finally did it. We had the perfect balance of Americans and Brazilians.

Everyone got to introduce themselves, speak a little about what they do and about their experiences. The best two and a half hours with great people, eager to share ideas.

The food was excellent, everyone got to try Caipirinha and we all went home happy. Great event! Thanks to all that participated! We were honored to have you.

Thank you to:

Our Honorary President Amy Litter, Board President James Clark, Vice President and Board Directors.

Our Founder Trustee BOIBRAZIL and WALO DTP


Legacy Plus Realty, Paychex, WHWW, Alpha Plus Legal Services, AVROS US, Torres Immigration

Thanks to

The Maitland Chamber of Commerce

Money Tree, Objective, Jupiter Properties, Wright Insured, Green Juice, Orange County Government, Fisher Phillips Attorneys, Law Office of Maude Poudat P A, Suzanne O’Hearn, Primerica, Mea Allman, Women of Kulture, Real Estate Broker Donna Morton Morgan, Sonny Buoncervello, Northwestern Mutual, Helena Ponzio, Paulo Toledo, Juan Delgado, Alessandro Ponco, and Gilmara Bertini.


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