MicheLee Puppets

MicheLee Puppets is a professional theatre company in Orlando, which empowers lives through the art of puppetry. Since 1985, the organization has impacted more than 2 million PreK-12th grade students across Florida with programs that promote respect, responsibility, and positive choices. Their website is micheleepuppets.org.
The organization is partnering with Universal Orlando Foundation, Career Source Central Florida, SOS by Urbander, and local schools to bring joy and healing to Puerto Rican children, and to children who have come from Latin America due to traumatic experiences. Through live puppet shows, workshops and puppet interactions, children have a platform to talk about their experiences and learn tactics for handling stress or sadness in a safe environment fostered by puppets.
MicheLee Puppets is looking for local community and arts organizations interested in partnering with them to promote their new Spanish program designed primarily to the Puerto Rican community recently relocated to Central Florida region.
Puppets Helping Kids in Crisis
Una Borinqueña en Florida is an interactive puppet show performed in Spanish and designed to help children from Puerto Rico who have relocated to Florida due to the devastating hurricanes of 2017.
MicheLee Puppets brings hope and healing to children through the powerful art of puppetry. Puppets provide a safe vehicle for children to learn new information and to express their feelings.
The Need
• Thousands of Puerto Rican children experienced trauma during the hurricane and afterward when they lost homes and possessions, or lived without electricity and fresh water
• Many children came to Florida without parents to live with relatives and experience the further trauma of separation
• Adjusting to the “mainland” culture can be challenging for children and adults
MicheLee Puppets is the winner of the Marjorie Batchelder McPharlin Award for excellence in the field of educational puppetry from the Puppeteers of America.
MicheLee Puppets is Florida’s only educational puppetry arts company. Since 1985, we have empowered more than 2 million lives through interactive performances that address issues not easily discussed at home like domestic violence, sexual assault, bullying and suicide.
Program Partners
Career Source Central Florida Florida Dept. of State, Division of Cultural Affairs Orange County Public Schools Osceola County Public Schools SOS by Urbander
United Arts of Central Florida Universal Orlando Foundation
Tracey Conner
Executive Director
MicheLee Puppets, Inc.
4420 Parkway Commerce Blvd. Orlando, FL 32808
November 2018
Program Description
45 minute puppet show
Appropriate for ages 4-11
Performed in Spanish
Features three scenes followed by interactive Q&A with
children, allowing them to ask questions, share their own
stories, and learn that they are not alone
Teaches tactics for dealing with stress, anger, or sadness
Program appropriate for children from Puerto Rico and Latin
America who have come to Florida because of natural
disasters, violence, or other traumatic experiences
Also Available
Puppetry workshops empowering children to create original
puppet shows that tell their unique stories; to express their
feelings through the safe medium of puppetry
Puppet interactions (walk-around puppets) for events

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