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> We have worked hard to open this chain of great ideas. We believe that if we all knew  a little more about our cultures, heritage and costumes it would be a lot easier to understand each other.
> Diversity is a greater reality than we imagine, and must be exercised with plenitude, and now more than ever we need to learn and absorb more about each other to enhance understanding and mutual respect, With that in mind, we reunited people with the experience and potential to make this a reality. We are not a Chamber of Commerce, we don’t have business as our main idea. But strong business principles with an interest in Art & Culture, making our roots a part of how we do business.Have you ever stop to think how international relations, and business introductions and community understanding would be so much easier, if we knew more about each other’s roots? That is our main effort to teach more about us and all different cultures and promote a much better and educated business environment  We  know it is hard but we are really fired up about it.

We would be honored if you join us  Meanwhile, please visit our site  at

Thank you so much!


Why should you become a member of the Brazil America Council?

Imagine that you have enough budget and room to invest in a new concept, a new group membership. A group with more to offer and the resources to do it. Why? Because your investment should have a return and accomplish a few objectives, where the main one should be visibility for your business, get your business name out there. And do good as a group, where alone your efforts would not have the same impact. So, allow us to introduce you our benefits for joining the Brazil America Business Council:

Our main objective is to create awareness to our heritage, most of us are influenced by our roots and our environment. Our Business Council aims to showcase our local artists to show their work and aspects of their national culture throughout the many regions not only of Brazil but of many Nations.

We as a Business Council envision to be a voice in the community, a gathering place of ideas and culture which will enhance the principle that together we are stronger. With offices in Winter Park and in Sao Paulo – Brazil, we want to make sure the synergy between the two countries is present and available to accelerate our growth, showcase culture, and bring our community together.


Founding members will have a banner on our website front page, linked to their websites, included in their dues. Recognition, Placement in our Facebook Site and Fan Page, Free Advertisement in our site and Social Media. Opportunity to host events, placement in our flyers. Banners in our events.

All materials needed to showcase must to be created and sent by the member. Please visit our website at

Our Corporate members may offer discount or special fees for their products or services, as a member to member promotion.

Our members who join our Business Council will have their profiles showcased into member categories of market segments. For an Example; Attorneys, Accountants, Financial Services, Art Galleries etc


TRUSTEE $3,000.00

Patron $1,000.00

Corporate$ 300.00




Advertising – Free Promotion of your business through the Brazil America Business Council newsletter and website, Social Media.

Honorable placement in our flyers, Banners in our events.  Listed in our online business directory with a link to your website and a detailed description of your company / products / services for 12 months

Event Sponsorship Opportunities – Founder Diamond  members can sponsor a major event or host an event with the Brazil America Business Council. It is a great opportunity and  it is only available for this category.

Becoming a Diamond Founder will place your company in this exclusive level. Meaning your office or Company will be the only one in your category to have this position. Only one company of each category can purchase this membership.

A free company table in all major yearly calendar  events for 10.

Patron $1,000.00


A Patron is the second most prestigious membership offers

Free small ad placements in our monthly newsletter and  our Fan Page for 6 months for six months

Your logo in our website linking to your webpage

Bring giveaways or flyers to our monthly networking events

Host one Business After Hours per Year

Corporate $300


A corporate Membership Offers:

One advertisement in our Newsletter per year

Free Access to our monthly events and bring a friend free

placement in our Membership list

The opportunity to host a Networking mingl

Access to a wealth of valuable information to answer questions about many aspects of business, cultural activities and community issues.

Business and Cultural Showcases – Monthly events designed to help you promote your company’s products and services in cultural events.

Access to Your Local Elected Officials – Weigh in on local issues. Though Brazil America Business Council connections you can contact your elected local officials to let them know your opinions on pressing issues.

Social Community Opportunities – You are encouraged to join the committee(s) of your choice and have a direct impact upon the future of your community while promoting culture and your business.

New Member introductions – New members are welcomed with an orientation that provides an in-depth overview of the services and benefits available to them to help them maximize their investment.

Networking Opportunities – Our members enjoy sharing opportunities information about their businesses with fellow members looking to do business with each other during events.Our events are always Driven by Art & Culture.

New Member’s press release: publishes in our website a welcome to new member’s release informing other members of your company profile.

Special seminars – from time to time BACC’s will promote seminars on important topics that affect directly or indirectly our community; and we will be working with County government to find ways to encourage our relations between our members and government to provide long-term solutions that will result in available and sustainable ground breaking relations for our county’s growth.

Member will need to supply all materials; website Corporate members, dues at US$300/ yr. Profiles will be showcased into member categories of market segments, and be promoted as they join and 6 month after joining. One member will receive 30% off 2 events per year.

Become a member, become a part of this great group.

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