Is printed Media dying?

The people’s voice have spoken
Social media is relatively new. It became rapidly the representation of a voice, a will, a realm where conservatives didn’t dedicate the proper attention, liberals did and the rest of the world followed the path to show their opinion.
The people, today, have several free vehicles which mainstream their voice. Large or small is entitled to be heard. Just imagine, everyone has followers, and so forth, and so on. By the time you get to the end of this chain, it multiplies to thousands and millions, who will be entitled to their 18 minutes of fame.

Social media is powerful, because of its fast speed. Now imagine wait 30 days to read a newspaper or a magazine.
Written media outlets have struggled in the last ten years. The largest media outlets already have established an online powerful presence, but the small papers and magazines have a resistance to break the barrier and show their potencial, sometimes because they can’t for lack of information, denial or many times because they don’t want to see the reality.
Soon enough, printed paper will be obsolete and the trees will finally be put to relief. Reality is knocking at our doors every second now.

When we consider community media, the expectations are gloomy as well. Any news medium who doesn’t offer the opportunity of interaction is doomed to fade away.
We can’t just think that what is written on a paper or magazine is the final word. That is not what we look for anymore. We are taking matters into our own hands and choosing to participate. Everything matters, the way we read the news and watch the news and the way we respond to all things that affect our every day life. We were given the right to show a voice, let’s use it.

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