Governor Rick Scott’s 2017 Latin American Summit

Governor Rick Scott’s 2017 Latin American Summit

The Brazil America Business Council received the honor of the invite by Governor Rick Scott’s 2017 Latin American Summit.

We were represented by our Executive Director Laid Rodrigues.

The Summit was organized and conducted by Governor Rick Scott’s team. We were all exposed to new and useful information, but the main focus was on Democracy as a tool for Freedom and Economic Prosperity.

We are blessed to live in a country where we have our freedoms and Constitutional rights respected. Taking advantage of it, allows us to build a path to develop relationships with other nations envisioning the new businesses and our economic development through trade agreements.

Today 76% of our trade is done with Latin America and Caribbean. In order to keep trade fair, it is important to do business with Democratic countries, countries that are not laundering money for terrorism, are not cultivating a dictatorship, profiting from traffic or exploiting its people.

Brazil, that until 2015 was the US biggest trade partner through Florida, is expected to change in upcoming presidential elections and hopefully return to its post of favored nation. A fact, trade has created 1.4 Million jobs in the US and Latin America, and Enterprise Florida helped create 450.000 jobs.

Here are a few considerations on a few countries that are today embargo or not welcome to do business with the US,


At present, no company in the State of Florida does Business with Cuba, due to political choices, lack of Democracy. We must do everything possible to fight against the Castro arbitrary regime. 

A government where there are strong signs of corruption, violence and the presence of other elements that will always be a danger to the people and to the country.


No order, no security, total Chaos, no food, water or basic needs. Children are born every day with no rights and under Maduro’s madness, if the regime keeps on the country could never recuperate.

Under the US rules, no agencies will do business with Venezuela

  • We must fight for freedom, for Democracy.
  • Alleviate the Social Economical Suffering 
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Promote Human Rights
  • Promote freedom and security
  • Fight for Justice 
  • Separation of Powers, and 
  • More power for more People
  • Free Press
  • The Right to an Opinion
  • The Right to expression
  • Violence must be eliminated
  • We are to help to battle, hunger and poverty 


Work for peace and the negotiations of the FARC agreement, which destabilized the economy, and does not respect the will of the People. Democracy has been seriously compromised.

Colombia should provoke reconciliation, sustainable solutions for the people and for the environment.

Should promote Social Economic development and produce more.

Shouldn’t allow the use of funds derived from crime and corruption, which compromises the economic and social development, stealing opportunities from the people.

Senator Marco Rubio spoke about what caused these countries to change these countries their political views, allowing them to choose such a destructive path.

He believes that certain Political Parties and the media who sympathizes with these regimes, corruption and unfair elections, are the main roots to establish dictatorship and leftists ideals, leaving people in Chaos, poverty and disparity 

Elections alone are not a sign of Democracy you have to fight to govern with Democracy.

For all these countries the possibility of Democracy with plenitude is not yet available , but change is possible.

Free Trade is the Right Way
Going back to the situation in Brazil and its latest efforts to fight corruption, there is a good amount of Faith that Brazil will emerge from the regretful path it has taken in the past and has still a chance to occupy the same position as before. The biggest US trade partner.


Governor Rick Scott brought in Argentina’s Minister of Production Luis Almagro Lemes.

In his last Business Mission to Argentina, Governor Rick Scott saw the potential the country has, he appreciates the changes President Mauricio Macri made and feels that Argentina shows a positive business profile, showing the exercise of Democracy, and consequently deserving the US support to more trade operations with partners in the US.

When asked about his success, the minister affirmed that what Argentina wants is to be a normal country, that wants:

  • Prosperity to all, 
  • Build Relationships 
  • To be a Full Democratic Nation
  • To be a source of Investment from abroad
  • An Argentina integrated to the world

The Minister also said that many steps to achieve this are already in motion, and others are still to come

They have created an Investment Agency to answer questions and provide information to all interested in investing.

They defend Free Trade and have created many incentives to facilitate that. He believes free trade can be a reality. Also, wants to upgrade their transportation infrastructure, diminish bureaucracy, and upgrade and their banking systems. Better Airports, better structure to ultimately increase tourism and that, the country could offer:

  • More Jobs
  • Attract more Entrepreneurs
  • Increase production
  • Smaller taxes
  • Open markets
  • Generate more benefits to the Argentinian People.

To reach those goals the Minister also said that eliminating obstacles that impede progress, such as Crime, poverty and bureaucracy is paramount to achieve their goals. Ultimately, he also said that there is space to grow the relationship with the US, and increase business among the two nations.


Opening Remark

“Democracy is the Art of thinking independently, but together.”

We all face challenges when we speak about keeping democratic relations with other countries. It isn’t every day, that we reach our goals and become successful in our pursuit for freedom.

Guarantee that Human Rights are respected is a hard task. Strengthening these relationships even harder, but we keep doing it, Democracy must prevail.

We find many times that the law is manipulated to fit other purposes, facilitating other regimes to grow and it becomes hard to change that structure that is compromised politically, economically and socially 

Venezuela right now is the Dictatorship of the twentieth Century.

Violations such as:

  • Protesters Assassination by torture.
  • Human Rights inequality 
  • Violence without cause
  • Corruption
  • Human Traffic
  • Drug Traffic
  • Terrorism
  • Lack of Human Rights

The fight is constant against the ones who are establishing business relations with countries who are disrespecting Democracy. These countries have a tradition of terror and constant human rights violations.

The Venezuelan Tradition of disrespect to freedoms, to safety, supporting delinquency, and organized crime, needs to end. The Castro Chavismo has institutionalized crime and corruption, supported the creation of Infamous Laws, and the violation of fundamental rights.

In Bolivia, the right to own property, freedom of thinking, the right of reunion, association and to have an opinion, is no longer valid. 

They forgot that the will people is the fundamental bade for public power.

Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Colombia and Honduras are penalizing the Ines who stand against the infamous laws of the land. It is vital they learn to respect and protect the constitution and Democracy.

Democracy after all Must determine the way business is conducted and regulated.

Countries without Democracy infiltrate the US with drugs, terrorism and money laundering to weaken us and take advantage of our American System. We must understand that, we need to maintain business relations with countries who will reciprocate Good Will, Fair Trade, stable efficient markets and better capital. Avoiding protectionism, closed markets and anti-subsidy laws.

With China it is imperative that we renegotiate our trade agreements. We must fix the overall $365 Billion deficit.

The USA has the highest Corporate taxes in the world, this must be fixed.
As Mexico is our biggest trade partner, at the moment, we must enforce that our deficit is still very large.

What best promotes trade?

Welcoming and investing in the proper infra structure to optimize trade. A Coherent, international trade must generate jobs, the level of Democracy will increase the level of trade and its promotion. Such as:

  • Open Markets
  • Opportunities 
  • Job creation

As an example the Panama Canal with 10 (ten) years of continuous growth, with business partners in Latin America and USA.

By 2020, the State of Florida envisions to optimize E-trade in $50Billion, but wants to make sure Latin America is prepared to also be a part of it. We have four major elections in 2018. Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and Paraguay must show they are walking towards a democratic path of certainty, transparency and prosperity.

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