Introducing the Brazil America Council, a non-profit organization,501 (c)(3), whose purpose is to promote Art &Culture, Heritage, Networking, Seminars and Community engagement, ethics and important principles.


Our main desire is to see Brazilians recognized not only as a source of Tourist Business, but also as a strong partner to the USA, with companies who generate jobs, revenue and a valuable partnership. Yes, we are different, but we can respect and understand one another. Learning about Ethics, Laws, Heritage, and Culture are paramount to mutual respect and to further our relations with the USA. Helping to cross these bridges encourage all to embrace the new Land.


With offices in Orlando, and in Sao Paulo-the backbone of Brazilian Economy, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve our community. Whatever we can do, to help with guidance, networking, or building understanding and appreciation, we work to promote it, therefore strong partnerships, do facilitate our efforts


Our heritage, the protection of our memory allowing the younger generations, who were born and raised in the US, to learn, accept and respect the Brazilian culture. We believe businesses will benefit as we prepare generations of well adapted professionals and students, and along the way help the art professionals to show their creations. To help us achieve our goals, we offer monthly networking events, along with a great agenda, with other opportunities.


As a Council, our primary objective is to give our community a way to express their needs to help find real solutions to their issues and improve their growth and effective participation. Well informed and introducing tools to better understand citizenship and principles, we assure a better understanding of our roots and way of living.


A strong partnership requires a deep understanding of who we are as partners, so we can respect and value our cultures and professional profile. Only with knowledge we can walk into success.

To value our professionals facilitating interaction and partnership

Laiz De A B Rodrigues

Founder President Brazil-USA

Brazil,America Council