Fusion Fest

For the first time in Orlando, a burst of colors, costumes, flags and languages, Fusion Fest celebrated Diversity and cultures, through dance, film, food and music.

The Fest was organized by Orange County Arts & Culture Dept. By Terry Olson and his Diverstastic team. Kudos to all who gave Orange County residents a weekend to be remembered.

The flag parade marked the opening of Fusion Fest, amazing to see everyone carrying their flags with pride. All countries represented, showing how important it is to embrace different cultures.

The Fusion Fest first idea came in 2016 and today is a reality. For us at the Brazil America Ciuncil, it was a dream come true, and proof that everything is possible when we lear to understand, respect and learn other cultures.

We are sure that many more will follow to continue this burst of energy and colors. Everything was authentic and a major victory for those who appreciate Arts & Culture and support Diversity.

Orange County property appraiser Official Rick Singh, and Daisy Moralez Orange County water conservation Dept. Were present to the event. MCO Orlando International Airport was also represented by Juliana Pena Perez, also present Office of Economic Trade & Tourism Development by Carol M Palacio

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