First International Entrepreneurship Forum in Orlando

One of our main preoccupations is to maintain people informed, contribute to their well being and growth.

The Deandhêla Institute is located in Brazil Rua T-29 esquina com Av. T-9 Qd. 81 Lt.11, nº 1623, – St. Bueno, Goiânia – GO, Brazil-74215-050, and has the sole purpose to help people shape their ideas and objectives, teaching people to manage their life with excellence and transforming their future.

The real entrepreneur is always evolving, educating and sharing their goals and experiences. Creating solutions, managing time and always ahead.

Transformation, innovation and  power of decision don’t come easy. These are signs of a mature mind, gearing for success. 

All three speakers were excellent. They have the power to communicate without barriers, and to teach withou imposing in a persuasive manner.

The Brazil America Business Council in proud of one more accomplishment. Our time is precious, and one of the things I learned yesterday, time is the only thing we can’t recuperate after it’s lost.

The event was at NASCAR I-Drive Indoors Kart Racing one of our supporters and we are a fan of their venue. It is the complete package. We are greatful for all the help they give us.

We had the event scheduled to start at 7:00 PM, we started on time. It was engaging, it required participation and we all had an amazing time. 

All guests were punctual, we a had a happy hour and all guests were Brazilian Entrepreneus. 

A very good sign, we couldn’t finish on time, it was too good to end, we kept listening and learning. There were prizes, book signing, certification and more networking. We already miss it, but good news, we will have another one in six months, until then manage your time well and live a well balanced life.


We would also like to thank Canal EUA, Orlando Fácil com Sombra, Gerson TV VTD, Jornal Negocio Fechado, Centro Comunitário Brasileiro, João Oliveira e demais representantes da mídia 

Below Joao Oliveira’s photos. He is one of the many Brazilian Media Partners at the event

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