Ex Senator Magno Malta Visits Orlando Community

Today we had the pleasure to get reunited with one of Brazilian prior Senators Magno Malta. For the ones who don’t know him he is the main supporters, responsible for President Jair Messias Bolsonaro election.

The Luncheon was organized by Yes Brazil Movement, one of the biggest Right wing movements among Brazilians in The USA, and the Association of Pastors at the Camila’s Lounge.

In the presence many Pastors and Community Leaders from Orlando, Mr. Malta spoke about his career, experience with politics and all the major reasons who leased him to start the biggest change in Brazilian Politics after 16 years of a devastating leftist dominance in the Country.

In the chaotic system created by the workers party, their biggest fight was against the way educations was about to change, allowing kids 6-12 years old to be gay. The Gay Booklet for kids was an outrage, and a total abomination, along with a Law Project that would put in jail anyone who would be prejudice against LGBTQ people or even sexual deviated people like petifile or any sexual deviated people. Mr. Malta said they could stop the Law (PL 122), but the booklet was published and distributed among elementary school kids.

In his opinion, he estates that it really doesn’t matter what is anyone’s sexual orientation, he believes in respect to all choices, except if goes against children, or criminal behavior. Knowing all priorities in the upcoming Workers Party agenda, for the next 4 years they knew something had to be done, and they decided to start spreading the idea of electing someone from the right, with values, with strength to fight and change the country. The people from Brazil at that point had lost so much, values and principles were down the drain, crime and drugs rising, unemployment at 10 million, and a great economic recession. Times were grim, desperate and change was needed.

Being Brazil the biggest Catholic country, with lots of Christians, spiritist, he couldn’t understand why things were do way they were, but the Leftist majority was so powerful that people fell in disbelieve. He remembers that at one point all people wanted was, no Socialism, no Abortion, and they wanted someone who would fight for Democracy, values and jobs. To live in a society where kids were becoming a criminal force instead of the future, human rights was used to justify crime, Culture misused to personal gain, and drug legalization was one step away from reality, Mr. Malta recalls the growing of a Christian movement called “Territory Gain” lead bu Christians who prayed for 12 years for an answer from God for all the horrible things upon Brazil.

On April 2016 Dilma Roussef was impeached and Temer replaced her, nothing got better, with unemployment raising to 14 Million, economy is distress, and people in disbelieve, at that point, they have learned that the change they wanted would come only if they took charge of their destiny. Change the country the way they wanted would take power, power of God, power of the people and lots of faith. Mr. Malta started a crusade through temples, churches, the propagation of Bolsonaro name started, the People believed, the people understood that they were the way and the force to elect Bolsonaro President, and they did. It all started with two men who believed.

Mr Malta sing to us, he is coming back in September with his group, he also said that Brazil is not in good shape yet, but it is getting there. There is still a lot to be done, besides all the attacks, the government is strong and will do what is necessary to give its people what they deserve. Until them we sure hope it will happen for the good of the nation and its people.

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