Eviction Diversion Program


Orange County Government has launched the Eviction Diversion Program.  We can connect you with interviews and information to ensure the community is informed about this new assistance program.  Attached is the news release and graphics in English, Spanish and Creole for your use.  The portal is open and accepting applications. Thank you for the continued support. 


Please see below data update regarding the Eviction Diversion Program that launched this morning. It is important to stress to viewers ..


1) That applicants must be in imminent danger of being evicted to be eligible for the program. They must provide written notice of eviction threat in prescreening.

2) Tenants who do not have a written notice of eviction from their landlords CANNOT apply without a landlord’s invitation email.

3) This program is driven by the landlord. Regardless of the tenant filling out a pre-screening or not, the landlord MUST invite the tenant to submit a full application AFTER the landlord has fulfilled an application. The tenant will need the landlord’s case number in order to submit their application.



As of 12PM 8/25/20:


TENANT PRE-SCREENS (These are tenants who were given some form of written notice by their landlord)


Pre-screens in Progress: 553

Pre-screens Submitted: 522

Pre-screens under review by the Bar to then outreach to Landlords: 33

Landlords Contacted: 37


TOTAL Number of Tenants in Pre-Screening: 1,145



LANDLORD APPLICATIONS: (initiated process)


Applications in Progress: 249

Applications Submitted: 67


TOTAL Number of Landlord Applications: 316


Landlord and Tenant Pre-Screens Matched: 1


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