Crossing The Bridge

Crossing The Bridge

In an effort to find a better life, and change your future, we make drastic decisions. Many years ago, a few would think of moving to a different country, but with different purposes. Today, that decision seems a lot more attractive, as many more choose to move overseas and open their business abroad. Doing that without the an adequate plan and vision may put in Jeopardy the future of your brand, but not paying attention to the obvious may also be a problem.

I have always defended the best business practices. To be fair and to exercise good ethics. I see today, more than ever before, a great number of people doing business, exchanging ideas and resourcing within their community.

It is ok to do business amongst friends but we can’t forget that we need to interact, learn the language, costumes and take advantage of the many great things that made us choose this country to be our home.

To do business in the US, may be a difficult task in the beginning but it has proven to be a long lasting decision which will take your business to the next level. Exposing your brand, to a world of opportunities and new experiences that will allow you to grow in a slower but safer pace.

Establishing your business in the US require determination, but if you were brave enough to move your whole life to a different country, why not? Many businesses have tried to depend only in their own ethnic group but this decision may work for a while, bringing results fast but eventually you will suffer the consequences of not open yourself to the American Market, taking advantage of the many opportunities it offers. Delaying this decision may decide the fate and future of your business.

Today looking back in time, we can make a list of stores, restaurants and even chains who failed to achieve what was necessary to succeed, because they didn’t take the necessary measures to build a strong business structure but most of us tend to forget or not to pay attention to this reality. Be careful, to have a business in the US requires care, attention to legal details, obligations and hard work. Seems exhausting butim pays back, and it is not for everyone.

Do not cut corners, follow the Law, look for ways to improve, learn the basics and you will see the future of success for yourself and your business. Orlando is a melting pot, meaning, many nationalities, many opportunities and acceptance of what is new and different, growing your chances to be accepted and discovered.

The Orange County and City of Orlando have different incentives and programs to help your business. Take advantage. Open doors, make it work, welcome to America!

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  1. Never do it here in the same wrong way and according to the Brazilian way you did there, the rules are totally different, here you win with hard work and honesty. Do not want to win America in a short time you will not be able to.

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