Classes of 2017 -Ana G Mendez University Graduation Ceremony

On Wednesday the Brazil America Business Council was honored to be present at the Ana G Mendez University Graduation Ceremony for the classes of 2017. 

The BABC was represented by President Amy Litter, Development Director Professor James Clark and Executive Director Laiz Rodrigues.
The event was of beauty and importance. Attended by student’s proud family members, authorities and community leaders.
Considering the solemnity in events of this nature, it was well organized and showed the University has an admirable structure and it high regards to its students and faculty.
As the largest and first bilingual institution in the Nation, Ana G Mendez has in its history, many of their graduated past students, occupying a leading position no only in Florida but also throughout the nation. They are a source if pride and joy. 

This year, Luis M Martinez-Alicea, a graduate and former Marketing Director at Ana G Mendez, was honored with the Alumni Award
Luis said:

“En junio de 2007 obtuve mi diploma de maestría en la graduación del Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez (SUAGM) en Orlando. Diez años más tarde, regreso a la misma ceremonia para recibir el premio ‘Alumno Distinguido’ por el presidente de SUAGM José F. Méndez, rector Dr. Luis A. Burgos y director del Metro Orlando Campus Dr. Carlos M. López, distinción que honra a exalumnos que son ejemplo digno de la misión de SUAGM e inspiración para estudiantes y futuros exalumnos. 
Me complace recibir este premio y felicito a esta institución universitaria por ser líder pionera en la preparación de los futuros profesionales bilingües del país.

“I was sad not to see a Brazilian student graduating on Wednesday.

It is important to me to seek that dream. It is part of our job as community leaders, to fight and make this possible to our people to understand the importance of a degree, to make it count.” 
Education is the best gift someone can receive. We hope to see one day students who represent all Latin America Nations, graduating with honors. A dream that may change he world. 
Again we were honored by the invitation. We thank Ana G Mendez University to change so many lives and touch so many hearts.

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