Brazil America Inaugural A Celebration to the Art of Dancing

DSC_0048.jpg1It was a wonderful opportunity to network and to watch the New Hope Children Choir, young ballerinas, The Orlando Gay Chorus, the Opera Orlando,  and Capoeira Pelourinho.

We are sure as much as everyone thinks culture or Art have nothing to show anymore, think again. Every time we see a child rise through Art, is one less kid to loose to drugs and despair. Art, Culture and Heritage is a part of our lives and they will be forever.

A chance to understand who we are, where we come from, and why.

Heritage is a map of our roots, determine the influences we suffer,  that delineate our character, it defines us as citizens, it draws a map to understand our core values.        How many times we wonder why dealing among the same nationality is easier?  Because having the same heritage and background makes it easier to overcome, flaws, lack of understanding and we wish to avoid a break of trust.  Meanwhile, when dealing with different nationalities we are not so tolerant, and a rupture is easier to occur. These factors contribute to poor ethics, division, lack of diversity.

We value that knowledge, and we value businesses that make the effort to forge strong ties. Not everyone has the ability to understand this principle, but today as our society lives a moment of poor decisions, violence and greed, we must agree, there is a need to respect elements which can teach us better. Any organization can offer networking, but true value and the way to succeed is a rare to find. At the same token,  Brazilian entrepreneurs also suffer the same, we are fortunate enough to be able to reach out and offer assistance adapting to the new country.

As the Brazil America Council thrives, we have a meaningful purpose and a job to do, We are proud of our values, of respecting diversity, inclusion, and above all to believe that we can change the way we accept differences,


Our New Board: Amy Litter Honorary President, Alfredo Scaff Filho President Brazil Office, Louana Oliveira President  USA, Nelson Ramos Vice-President, Liliana Torres Valencia Secretary, , Khalid Muneer Board Director, Raul Santiago Board Director, Aretuza Garner Board Director, Vitor Lozano  Marketing Director,  Laiz Rodrigues Executive Director. Our thanks to Judge Tina Caraballo

We thank our Sponsors: Boi Brazil Steakhouse, WHWW, AVROS US, WALO DTP, Legacy Plus Realty, TV CNB, The Hotspotorlando, the Worl Preview Center and Pao Gostoso Bakery

To All Involved in the Artistic Part our Gratitude

Aretuza Garner Ballerina Project, The Center for Contemporary Dance, The Orlando Ballet, The Opera Orlando, The Orlando Gay Chorus, The New Hope Center Kids Choir, The Royal Ballet,  Capoeira Pelourinho, The Art of  Maria Amelia Amorim, Crawford Jazz Project, New Dimension Dance Company, Damien Simon, NStyle.

Here are the events pictures.



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