Brazil America Business Council


img_5361Orlando has so many qualities and still so much potential to be explored.

Take a Look 

  1.  Beautiful City and environment
  2. Quality of life – very desirable
  3. Opportunity and potential for growth and success
  4. Friendly, caring and compassionate people
  5.  Safe communities
  6. Businesses want to be successful and make a profit
  7. Instability and seasonality of the economy
  8. Not enough able, willing, and skilled workforce in our community lack of knowledge in work ethics
  9. Traffic and transportation issues
    Great networking opportunities through the Council’s  i.e. Business After Hours,
  10.  Council staff is very professional / well organized. The Council leadership is innovative, informed, visionary, forward thinking and responsive

    People not buying local / internet sales / competitive pricing. Business not taking advantage of council’s networking opportunities

    11. Economic challenges / non-diversified, non-sustainable

    What needs to Happen

    •  Increase member participation / get them more engaged
    •  Communication of council programs
    •  Commitment by all members
    •  Information and knowledge of government issues • Advocate for insurance reform
    •  Local business supporting local business
    • Work together and refer to local businesses
    • Business referral
    • What Conditions Need to Exist
    •  Strong sense of community and ownership by the business community
      Businesses need to recognize their Council’s Membership as an investment in their business
    •  Willingness by Council’s Leadership to listen and respond to members
    •  More opportunities for business to continuously be engaged and involved.
    • An environment of openness and trust

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