Mission and Purpose



The council’s mission is to encourage dialogue between entrepreneurs and political leaders in the US and Brazil. To hold events, briefings and programs for networking, taking advantage of the rich Art & Culture Central Florida fabric.

To be a Bridge among Cultures to enforce strong relations


  • Promote educational seminars offering an extra tool to help the community succeed
  • Recognize every Community  has a Voice and Every  person must be heard
  • To foster national and international relations through events promoting Art and Culture, lectures, and mainly support the Brazilian community regarding education,  environment, Social responsibility  and well-being.
  • The Brazil America Business Council aims above all the enhancement of the Brazilian community in Florida, as well as a strong presence in Brazil as a source of support and wider structure.
  • The Brazil America Council mission will buid a bridge among communities,  with valuable information, services, member referrals and trust. it will be an instrument to find possible solutions to community issues.
  • Provide opportunities for networking through experiencing Art Culture
  • Provide opportunities and support for Council’s members
  • Recognition of members, volunteers, and business successes
  • Referral of members
  • More effective use of business community expertise

Cooperative Efforts
Because a business council is meant to serve the needs of members within a given focus, councils give a voice to those with similar needs and concerns. One voice can be lost but a group can change and direct the community’s concerns and help to find solutions through cooperation.


• Capable, competent, and available workforce with good work ethic

• Diversity of businesses / economic development

• Business networking opportunities

• More vocational and technical training opportunities

• Collaborative spirit among business community

• Local support of local businesses

• Promotion and marketing of business and our area

• Quality of life

• Improved infrastructure – transportation, utilities, sidewalks

• Quality healthcare

• Affordable Insurance (homeowners & health)

• Affordable housing

• Proactive planning for a changing environment

• Knowledgeable and informed on issues affecting business

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