Auto Show in Orlando

The past weekend was a busy weekend for Orlando residents, as we were all contemplated with so many options of entertainment.

One of them the Auto Show, that we visited. A small show, compacted if compared with other cities in Florida, like Miami, with only some of the top players in the industry, failed to gather some of the top car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, BMW, Cadillac, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and a few more important players in the market.

The show was at the OC convention center, and attracted many, looking to purchase a new vehicle or just auto lovers. For those looking for innovation and new gadgets, maybe next time.

The Auto Show needs to consider Orlando as a City with more than regular opportunities and produce a show with more options and not just a buyer bid.

The Alfa Romeo was one of the new aditions and showed well its newest cars for the American market.


eep had the biggest showroom and offered a drive experience inside, giving drivers entertainment and not just a test drive.

Hoping to see a better show locally next year, we were also glad to find an Antique Car show, and lots of great special editions in an exhibit by private collectors.

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