Author Charles Ford Announces New Book “The Anatomy of a Corporation Lynching”

Author Charles Ford opens the New Year with the release of his debut book, The Anatomy of a Corporation Lynching. The riveting true story reveals his innocent submission of an idea to the company he worked for, and being fired by them to cloak their theft of it. Until Ford’s revelation, it was a story the corporation successfully suppressed in the media and from the public.

Released on January 8, 2019, this biographical recollection goes behind the scenes of a public copyright and civil rights lawsuit that took place in New Yorkbetween the author and Con Edison. Immediately upon release, TACL shot to #1 New release in its category—copyright law and remained consistently for over a week, while ranking high in selfhelp/motivation.

While employed with the company Ford sued when his poor man copyrighted employee suggestion idea was misappropriated without recognition and used for major gain. When the company refused to be forthright about a slogan’s evolution, it became a matter of litigation and the public records tell the tale—thus no names have been changed to protect the innocent. From the origins of the idea, to the subsequent work-place retaliation after going to the media, the accounts act as a motivational guide to people going through a similar corporate crisis.

Readers walk away with the do’s and don’ts regarding submitting unsolicited ideas and can extract inspiration from the writer’s grit. TACL offers incentives that help readers persevere and reinforce their legal ability to stand their ground once exploited.

While it took nearly a decade after the events to compile, it took only a short time to write once Ford unbottled. Ford states, “Writing it was a cathartic process that took me several years to finally document. It’s designed to help others who need to vindicate through proper legal channels rather than vent their frustrations negatively. I also learned, and am sharing the importance of standing by one’s conviction—even while still in support of their company brand.”

Said to be a book one can’t put down, reviews reflect the feelings of captivated readers with comments like, “An example of a truly toxic culture of suppression, oppression, retaliation, and retribution against an innocent, hardworking, employee within a corporation.”

The Anatomy of a Corporation Lynching is available worldwide on Amazon and other online booksellers. More at

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