The Brazil America Council Visits the Florida Governor Mansion in Tallahassee

The Brazil America Council Visits the Florida Governor Mansion in Tallahassee


For an Organization so young, it is an amazing gift to be recognized and invited for a Governor’s event. The first one at the Governor’s Latin Summit in Miami, and this time around for a Reception with Governor Scott and Foreign Leaders at his Mansion in Tallahassee-FL. It has been an honor and a privilege to take part in another event with so many great people.


The Beautiful Mansion, beautifully decorated was the background for a meeting with community leaders and many of them from Central Florida. Orlando was well represented by The Mexican Consulate-the Consul Titular/Consul of Mexico Juan J Sabines Guerrero, and Pedro Rodrigues Trujillo-Coordinador del Centro de Defensoria, Scandinavian Trade Association President-Tom Mortenson and his sister (Tampa), The Brazil America Council Executive Director-Laiz A. Rodrigues, and Vice President- Nelson Ramos Jr. The African American Chamber of Commerce President-John F. Davis, British American Chamber of Commerce President-Nick Grounds and his wife, French American Business Council of Orlando Headed by Honorary Consul of France, Brigitte Dagot, and her husband Jeff Jensen, and Elcy Hernandez – Consular  Services  Organization in Central Florida.

It was a great evening hosted by Governor Rick Scott and the First Lady of Florida Ann Scott. We thank them for the warm reception, wishing them the best in 2018.


  1. Meus Parabéns Laiz por mais esta conquista, por ser uma organização reconhecida oficialmente pelo Governo da Flórida e além disso ser recebida pelo próprio Governador, é uma honra para nós brasileiros podermos desfrutar do seu sucesso, congratulações.🌹💐💐💐👏👏👏


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